Duhallow LIFE conference (Natura 2000 Day)

IRD DuhallowLIFE: This project commenced in September 2010 and will draw to
a close in June 2015. The target species are the Freshwater Pearl Mussel,
Atlantic salmon, Otter, Kingfisher and Dipper. The lessons learnt and
restoration work carried out have been substantial with over 40km of river
bank and drains treated for invasive species, 30km of river bank fenced,
1000’s of native trees planted, artificial otter holts constructed and
placed, log piles placed to improve habitat for mammals and nesting boxes
constructed and placed for kingfishers, dippers and sandmartins. Significant
raising of awareness of the importance of nature is being carried out
through the schools and wider community.
RaptorLIFE: This exciting new LIFE project starts in early 2015 and builds
on the IRD DuhallowLIFE project, focusing on the upper portion of the River
Backwater and the surrounding hilly areas, which are designated as Special
Protected Areas for birds. The project aims to improve the conservation of
the Hen Harrier, Merlin, Atlantic Salmon and Brook Lamprey by carrying out a
range of on-the-ground conservation measures, such as planting trees and the
removal of invasive species in a range of habitats and along the roadways. A
key aspect to the project will be the training of volunteers to carry out
monitoring of birds, as well as the project’s other activities throughout
the next few years.

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