Biodiversity Day events

22nd May. Biodiversity day.  A joint event with Cork Nature Network and Cork Environmental Forum. The walk is led by Paul Whelan on lichens. What is a lichen? Come along and find out. We are lucky to have one of the top lichenologists living in Cork. Venue meeting outside Douglas Community Centre, Church Road at 7pm.

20th May. Talk on the cheetahs of Africa by Stuart Munro. Wildlife Biologist at Stuart Munro wildlife biologist at  n/A’n ku se Wildlife Sanctuary is giving a talk on the conservation of cheetahs in Namibia.
This is a unique opportunity to learn first hand about African Wildlife. The N/A’n ku se wildlife sanctuary is situated on our 3,200 hectare reserve near Windhoek and provides a safe haven for various orphaned and injured African wildlife. The sanctuary strongly believes that the wild belongs in the wild and directs all efforts towards long term rehabilitation as well as providing assistance and advice to local people and landowners.The talk is to be held in Fota Wildlife Park on the 20th May at 7pm. Entrance is free. (Donations may be given on the day and will go towards the work of the sanctuary).

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