The Meat Pledge Experiment

Among other related topics, our blog is covering ”The Meat Pledge Experiment”. In this rather challenging social experiment, 9 participants have pledged to reduce their meat consumption for at least 4 weeks. The Meaty Matters Blog will follow these brave volunteers as they tell about changes they experience and the reactions they get from the people around them during the pledge period.
Let’s start with Sofie, a busy civil servant and mother of three adolescent girls. Before beginning the Pledge period, she wrote an e-mail to me about deciding to be a participant:
”Since the beginning of this month the thought of eating less meat has been on my mind.  After your reply, where you warned me to not be too ambitious, I’ve dropped the idea of getting my family to do the pledge with me, but I will talk with my girls and my husband quite a bit about it.
I’ve been using the last couple of weeks to observe my diet, and it seems that I eat a lot more meat than I thought, when I first spoke with you.”
And then we have Malene, a scientist with two small children and a husband who goes on business trips:
”Two weeks ago we were on holiday in Spain and the bacon was too much temptation. So I decided to move the start of my pledge period to the week after. When we got home, Thomas left on a business trip and I was home alone. That meant babysitting help from my mother, and defrosting of frozen leftovers. So there was lasagne and roast pork the following days. The meat leftovers were a bigger problem than I had anticipated, because these kinds of dishes are WHAT WE EAT, along with some raw vegetables.”
Will Malene manage to get started on her 4-week pledge period? What do Sofie’s family think of her diet experiment? Would you be able to keep your meat consumption to a pound or less per week for 4 weeks? More about these and our 7 other participants in the following blog entries!

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