Meaty Matters – follow experiences or take part in reduced meat consumption

Meaty Matters: anecdotes and opinions about eating less meat
This blog which will be appearing on the website from this week is covering ”The Meat Pledge Experiment”. In this rather challenging social experiment, 9 participants have pledged to reduce their meat consumption for at least 4 weeks. The Meaty Matters Blog will follow these brave volunteers as they tell about changes they experience and the reactions they get from the people around them during the pledge period.
You can also take part by getting in touch.
About the blog author-
Sandy Andersen is a Danish PhD student researching people’s relation to meat. Her work is part of a larger study of problems in human health and the environment brought about by Nitrogen imbalance.  High intensity production and consumption of meat is a primary factor in this issue, and the Meat Pledge Period is an experiment aimed at learning more about how we might be able to improve the situation through social awareness and personal choice.

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