More on the Meat Pledge Experiment

There are those who say that it’s too difficult to cut down on meat because it’s hard to find enough protein anywhere else, but low and behold – even budget market Tesco has good alternatives in the form of chickpea spreads, etc…
Here’s a little bit about two other participants in our Meat Pledge Experiment; Andrew and Linda.
Andrew is a senior researcher (in our project actually – hope he’s not looking over my shoulder!). He likes a challenge, so he signed on for the pledge project:

I was born and raised on a small farm in the country, where we produced pigs, broilers and grain -a lot of pork and chicken, but not so much beef – so I’ve pretty much always eaten meat. When I began to have a family, we continued living with a ‘normal’ meat consumption.We try to eat fish at least once a week, but that doesn’t always happen. I believe that animal husbandry needs to be an essential part of food production in the future – just in a more effective and intelligent way than currently.

Andrew has decided to pledge to eating no meat (but unlimited fish) for 4 weeks.
I look forward to seeing if it will be hard for me to not eat any meat. If I abstain completely, it will probably be a bit more of a challenge for me; especially since I’m afraid my bag lunches will be much more dull.
Linda is what one might call a ‘mature’ student, since she went back to college after her son moved out. She decided to put a different sort of twist on her pledge definition:
I am making a dogma of only eating meat that is certified organic. So I am holding myself strictly to organic meat, or no meat. Because my student lifestyle is very urban, eating in cafés here and there, this will restrict the number of times I eat meat at all during the week. Since I have to ask if the meat is organic, this will also bring a more complicated social interaction into my life than if I were to go completely vegetarian or just eat meat a fewer number of times weekly.
Will Andrew rise to the challenge? And what kind of situations will Linda run into? Check out this blog to see what happens in the next 4 weeks for our 9 participants. And feel free to send your comments to, where I promise, they will get replies!

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