How the World Sees Us; Reactions to the Meat Pledge Experiment

As we wrote last time, following a pledge of less or no meat can lead to reactions from colleagues and others. Some of our participants have been a bit concerned about what acquaintances or colleagues will think when they suddenly change their eating practices, and others have been eager to use the pledge as an opportunity to talk about reducing our meat consumption in general.
Sofie got a suprise on Day 3, when she came to lunch:

I talked with my colleague S. about my pledge period. I had picked my food around the meat and told him that I had started it. He said that he knew about it and that he had said he wouldn’t do it. A mutual friend and colleague sitting next to us started talking about how men and women are different, and S. said that women have a problem at the office with the men talking about football. I don’t know if this is related to eating meat, but it came in as part of the conversation!

Nicholas is an engineer and a long-distance runner with a busy singles lifestyle and no time or interest in making full-course meals. He chose to cut his meat consumption in order to see if his athletic abilities would be affected. He didn’t realize what the reaction would be from some of the other runners:
After our run, the club members met at a diner, where I tried to order less meat than usual, and discussed it with some of the people I run with. They didn’t understand why I did it. But that’s okay; they’re allowed to have their own beliefs. I won’t try to teach them anything, so we just talked about something else.
Jacob has also met with a similar reaction at a wedding party, with a buffet table groaning under all the meat dishes:
I was standing by the food, telling a female relative about my pledge and hopes of less meat consumption in general, and she replied; ”Just forget it – people love to eat meat, especially at get togethers!”
Do you think people won’t change to eat less meat – do you even think we should? Let us know what your opinion is about the amount of meat we all eat here in the modern West, and we’ll be sure to discuss it on Meaty Matters!

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