When you’re sharing a meal but not the food

”Your children are not your children; they are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself”, wrote the great philosopher Kahlil Gibran. Well, any parent can tell you that children definitely see things their own way, and part of that independance shows in their scepticism of what a parent tries to do. Often a child will confront their parents’ traditional diet by being vegetarian, but some of our pledge participants have been in the opposite situation.
When Sofie broached the idea of pledging to eat less meat for 4 weeks, her 19-year old daughter immediately began cautioning her 12-year old sister about the important vitamins and proteins that are found in lean meat:

At home when I made a vegetarian lasagne with the ‘Soy4U’ meat substitute that the company sells at our cafeteria, my youngest was sceptical but when she tried it, she liked it. We didn’t tell the 19-year-old it wasn’t meat until after she had eaten some, and she liked it but didn’t eat as much as she usually does. My husband didn’t even notice that it was meat-free. For me it tasted different than meat lasagne, but just as good in its own way.

Betty ran into a similar scenario when she announced to the family that she was beginning her pledge period of eating less meat, and only free-range or organic:

My daughter said; ”It doesn’t pollute any less with nitrogen if you eat less meat”. My answer to her was; ”Yes, it does, because you aren’t producing as much meat or keeping as many animals, which are also doing the polluting”.

Do you think that eating less meat will pollute less? Do you think we should change our traditions or find another solution? Let us know, and we’ll discuss it here on Meaty Matters!

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