Nearing the Half-way Point; the Meat Pledge Experiment

Our participants are well into their second pledge week, so let’s see how they’re handling the change in diet:
Malene has found that it isn’t hard to make vegetarian or fish meals for herself and her family:

Beyond the initial issues, it hasn’t been that hard living up to my pledge. When I got into the rythm of making meals based on vegetables instead of thinking of meat as the centerpiece, it was easy enough.

Nicholas doesn’t consider the change in eating to be difficult – it’s the shopping that’s hard to adjust to!
The biggest change for me is the extra focus I have on my food. Each time I go grocery shopping, I really need to remind myself to buy “something different”.
As for Andrew, not only are he and his family thriving on their vegetarian/pescetarian diet, but he seems to be incorporating friends into it as well!

Dinner with friends; spicy vegetable dishes baked in the oven with coconut milk in the one and feta cheese with cream in the other – excellent umami! Even the most steadfast carnivore among the guests admitted that he didn’t miss meat…

Sounds delicious! These three volunteers seem to be going strong. Next time we’ll take a look at some of the others and see how their second week is coming along for them. If you’re also interested in trying a pledge of less or no meat for 4 weeks, write to us, and we’ll send you our introduction package with spreadsheet and directions. Find out how much your nitrogen footprint changes!

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