Temptations of the Flesh – making it through the meat pledge period

Tempted by meat
Our valient volunteers have come to the half-way point in their meat pledge, and some are doing better than others. Today we’re just checking in to see how a few more of them are doing. Betty hasn’t noticed any hardship, and has found that she and her family are eating more of a variety of vegetables for supper:
I’ve been finding and making new dishes from the food magazine, ‘Plenty’.
Jacob has been suprised at how much the change in diet is affecting him:
This week I had decided on at least one meat-free day, and I managed, even though it’s hard. One day in the cafeteria they were serving fried beef patties with potatoes and gravy – one of my favorite meals! I wanted meat all day, but kept my diet to fish. Never before in my life have I given my meat-eating habits any thought, and it’s funny how writing all the things down makes me really want to reduce my consumption.
And Linda learned a thing or two about herself:BabyBites2

One afternoon toward the end of my second week, I emerged from my work cave for a bicycle ride, and suddenly saw an add for the new organic ”Baby Bites” (a small hotdog wrapped in a bagel-like bun) at ‘7-Eleven’, our local convenience store franchise. I wasn’t even hungry, but suddenly my mission was clear, and I sped off in search of the nearest 7-Eleven. As soon as I had bought the Baby Bite and was eating it, I remembered that I don’t really like the taste of these things because the bread has this unpleasant way of leaving soggy clumps of wet dough between your teeth – eck! This was really a knee-jerk reaction, a kind of survival instinct that took me by surprise.


What other hardships are they facing? Tune in here to see how it all turns out for our participants in the Meat Pledge Experiment; 4 weeks of less or no meat. And if you want to see how you might manage, write us at sandyandersen@gmail.com and we’ll get your started!

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