Guess the Authors; among the 9 bloggers in the Meat Pledge Project

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When we began the Meat Pledge experiment, we decided to include our own meat pledge period and our blog entries as part of the group. All the names have been changed to ensure privacy both for the participants and for their various colleagues and family members. But we invite you to guess which 2 participants are actually the two authors of the project.
In order to help out, we’ll summarize what the Meat Pledge project is all about:
We are two university students from Denmark who are working in an international project that’s looking for solutions to the enviromental problems caused by an imbalance in certain nitrogen compounds in the water and other environmental cycles. The meat industry is a big part of the problem, in that so much nitrogen (among other things) is used in the production and consumption of meat that our resources, environment, and even human health are affected. Since we in most countries in Western Europe eat as an average too much meat per person, one place to improve the situation would be to bring the level down the standard recommended level, for example; at most 500 grams of meat protein a week for an adult weighing roughly 70 kg. – and supplemented with other proteins.

Just as a ‘let’s-try-this-out’ project, we sent out an invitation to embark on a period of eating less or no meat for at least 4 weeks, and 7 plucky individuals responded. They wrote about their experiences while going through the 4-week period, and so did we, the two authors of the project, so the journal entries from our participant pool have been used in the blogs here on Meaty Matters. Now that everyone has gone through the entire pledge period, we’ve received a follow-up feedback from all the participants, and in our next and final entry, we’ll include excerps from each and every one.
But the final excerps may not be enough to go on for viewers to figure which ones are the authors’, so we suggest that you read through the blogs to see what else our candidates have had to say for themselves and their situations. You can find it at this link ( Link to blog archive for Meaty Matters from the beginning )
or by clicking on the link under the main photo
Once you’ve decided to guess at which ones are the real authors, write to us at, and we’ll tell if you’re right, and let you know what’s going on now with the project.

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