Irish Nature 1916, Creating A Vision 2016

Cork Environmental Forum and Cork Nature Network have joined forces in organizing a unique 1916 event which focuses on Irish Nature. The seminar will take place on Floor 16, Cork County Hall from 9.30am to 1pm on Friday 20th May and is FREE to attend.
The event is about remembering what the environment was like in 1916, in relation to wildlife, and the impacts on the natural environment by agriculture and forestry over the past 100 years. With a visioning of how we would like to see our species, forestry and farming practices develop in the next 100 years.
Presentations on the state of the environment in 1916 and how it has changed to its present state will be given by Liam Lysaght, Director of the National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ted Cooke, Heritage Specialist and Dr. Darren McAdam O’Connell. Following the speaker inputs will be a number of discussion groups on the future with a mapping and visioning for the future of wildlife conservation and protection.
jpeg 1916 Nature Event
This Seminar ties in with and is inspired by the fact that so many of the central figures of the 1916 rising had a great appreciation and love of the natural world around them. An example being Padraig Pearse moving from a school in Ranelagh to Rathfarnham of which he stresses the suitability of the new location for “that spacious outdoor life, that intercourse with the wild things of the woods and wastes . . . which ought to play so large a part in the education of a boy”. We are again beginning to appreciate the benefit of outdoor learning.
This event with its unique focus and celebration of nature is an ideal opportunity for people to reflect on how we have changed the landscape and our natural world over the past 100 years and how we would like to see our natural world evolve in the next 100 years.
A specially commissioned logo for the event features the Corn Bunting which was last seen in 2006 on Cape Clear and the virulently invasive species Japanese Knotweed – reflecting how species and nature can change in an almost silent and invisible way until the impact is substantial.
The Seminar takes place during National Biodiversity Week which runs from May 14th –May 22nd. The event is part of the Centenary Programme and is supported by Cork County Council and Cork City Council. Bookings can be made through the Eventbrite Booking Link