Marine Life Seaweed Workshop & Coastwatch Report Launch 7th June

Coastwatch in association with Cork Environmental Forum organised a Marine Life event on Friday 7th June at Charles Fort. This consisted of an intertidal seaweed ID walk and workshop with Dr Robert Wilkes from the EPA.

In the short time of the exploration Dr. Wilkes pointed out almost 40 different species, but do you know there are 400 -500 species in all & they are all edible though in varying degrees of palatability. Meanwhile Tim Butter, Seasearch and a local resident, Paul McGovern, snorkeled under the majestic walls of Charles Fort and discovered a seagrass bed. Collage Charles Fort During refreshments at the lovely tearooms there was input from Kieran Murphy, LAWPRO and Dr. Wilkes as well as general discussion with coastwatchers and others who participated in the event. The finale of the event was the launch of the Coastwatch report “Citizen Science Search for Seagrass Zostera noltii and Zostera marina on the Republic of Ireland Coast” which includes some identified as part of our survey by Kayaks in Adrigole.

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