Events at UCC

Green Metrics Conference

Richard Leahy, CEF manning the stand at the Showacase event and some of the presentation slides.

UCC hosted an international green metrics conference, we attended the  very informative sessions on Energy, Transport and Water. Who knew that in some jurisdictions monkeys opening taps is a source of water loss that needs specific remedy. It was also inspiring to see that measurements in some universities extend to travel and the significant footprint of this. A challenge for all Universities who conduct a lot of International Research and projects. 

UCC International Development Studies Society Screening of Takayna 

CEF were delighted to be invited to the Society’s screening of Takayna and to give a brief overview of our work. The film was a wonderful evocation of the richness of old native woodland and the global problem of it’s destruction and replacement for short-term gain by a few. 

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