How To Invite Wildlife Into Your Garden

Cork Environmental Forum, with support from Cork City Council and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage are delighted to invite you to view this series of informative videos ‘How To Invite Wildlife into Your Urban Garden.’

This series shows examples of different shaped and sized gardens in different locations across Cork City where nature is being given space and support to thrive.  

Most of the green spaces and habitats for nature in the city are in private gardens. Gardens need to provide multifunctional space for people and families and change over time, but can always allow space for nature as the owners of these gardens demonstrate.

From a tiny garden in a terrace in Gurranabraher to a very long and mature garden in a terrace on Douglas Road. We visit two neighbouring gardens in Bishopstown that border a green corridor left by the N40.

We hear from a gardener with a compact space who loves to use the resources from her garden and share plants including with her local Tidy Towns group and a family who sensitively manage a very large mature garden space replete with a river and some very rich heritage.

We explore the interaction of flora and fauna and the importance of supporting species through all stages of life. We also explore how the use of tools such as a wildlife camera or bat detector can help you see wildlife that avails of your garden after dark.

We provide tips from garden owners and recommendations from experts Darragh Murphy (Ecologist) and Roisin Towe (Zoologist) which may also help you to take some simple actions to provide habitats for wildlife in your garden. With a little effort we can all help nature to thrive in our City and urban spaces.

To complement the Garden Videos there are some beautiful illustrations and useful information on some of the common species that you can grown or find in your garden created by Julia Cooper which can be downloaded. They are in a series of Spring, Summer, Autumn and After Dark.

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