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A message from Professor Cef, our fun and informative friend.

One square metre of grass for the bees!

Do you realise how many bees are in your garden or around your area? Not too many, right? It was not always like this. We used to have many bees all around Ireland not long ago, so what happened?

Bees are very sensitive, so any change in their environment can cause a big impact on them – rubbish, chemical products and lack of flowers. So why should we care about bees?

Bees are small, but they do great things for us – They are the best pollinators on the planet. Basically, if we do not have bees, we risk not having food any more in the supermarkets. Yes, we are not talking only about honey, we are talking about fruits, vegetables, etc. that will be gone.

Ok, now we know why bees are so important, and I want to do something for the bees! Do you remember that bees are sensitive to the lack of flowers? The good news is that bees are sensitive to the abundance of flowers too! And more flowers mean more bees!

Help the bees by doing the following:
Leave one square metre of grass in your garden not being mown, let the wildflowers grow! Bees will love it. Have fun with it! and spread the word! – take a picture or a video of the shape you made in your garden and share it with the world with the hashtag #profcefbees . Bees will love you. We will all love you.

So now you want to know more about how to help bees. You can find more information in the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and the Gardening for Biodiversity Booklet by Juanita Browne – check our Pg. 13 for guidance of when to mow to create the best chance for the wildflowers to naturally grow.

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