The Essence of Meaty Matters

Today we’re going to talk about a taste treasure trove which is not yet as widely known as it could or should be. Jacob has by the third week of the experiment been missing the amount of meat he usually … Read more

Something for Everyone – Not?

We’ve had a comment on the discussion of ‘the hunger illusion’ in our earlier blog entry; that a transgression be viewed as a way of giving your body time, and thus not guilt-inducing. We all agree that feeling guilty is … Read more

Quay Figure in the Community

Arthur Leahy has been a key figure in the Quay Coop since 1981, when it was founded. In his youth, Arthur describes himself as a left-wing hippy radical, very politically active in London from his teenage years until his mid-thirties. … Read more

A Big Wheel in Cork

If you’ve been on Cook Street in Cork, then you’ve seen the sign with the old-style bicycle for Oscar’s Restaurant, run by Daragh Fitzgerald. Daragh has a background in retail and got restaurant experience by working for some years at … Read more