The Meat Pledge Experiment: Family – The First Hurdle

What do we do about the way our family see and understand us; especially in terms of food tradition? For our participants, the reaction of family members may be the first challenge for them to deal with. From Day 1 of her pledge period Linda has already run into her first awkward moment:
I had agreed to take care of my youngest grandchild at my son’s apartment all day, so I cycled over in the morning. When I arrived, I had to ask if the meat they had in their fridge was organic or not. Rather huffily, my son told me that at least 80% of the meat he buys is organic, and that they only get the other stuff when they can’t find the organic. Feeling proud of his politically correct values, but also chastised and embarrassed for not being able to just know that this was the situation, I listened meekly and then later fixed a lunch without the non-organic luncheon meats that were in the fridge.
Malene has managed to work her way through the meaty leftovers and is now embarking on Day 1 of her pledge of fish but no meat at all for 4 whole weeks:
I am planning the menu these days while my husband is away, so it’s easy to be a vegetarian or eat a lot of fish, and I’ve gotten help from a really great salad cookbook. When the man is back, we’ll have to see what will happen. He’s usually the one who makes dinner, since he gets home earlier than I do, and for him the meal is all about the meat, and the rest is side dishes.
Things seem well in hand for now, but she has a little worry about the near future:
Tonight we’re going to a party at the school, which includes a buffet. That will be easy enought to navigate around the meat. On the other hand, we’re going to my father’s birthday on Sunday, which will be worse. I’ll write about it after the weekend.
What will Malene’s father think of her meatless diet? And will Linda get back into her son’s good graces? How would your family react to you going on a less meat, or even meatless pledge for several weeks? Send in your comments and we’ll talk about all of it here on Meaty Matters!

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